Jules Lobel's Scholarship and Advocacy on Human Rights -- Local, National, and Global

Professor Jules Lobel's activity in the past two weeks has showcased his work on human rights from Pittsburgh to Paris.  On September 10, Judge Claudia Wilken in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California, granted plaintiffs’ motions in a case challenging California's use of prolonged solitary confinement as violative of the Eighth Amendment. Professor Lobel is lead counsel in that class action lawsuit.  On September 12, Professor Lobel gave a speech at the Paris Bar Association, on Guantanamo and Human Rights 11 years after Sept 11. The Vice President of the Paris Bar Association commented on Professor Lobel's address, and Professor Lobel was interviewed by Radio France International, the French equivalent to the BBC.  On September 18, back in the U.S. Professor Lobel testified at a Pennsylvania House of Representatives Democratic Policy Hearing on the issue of solitary confinement; on the same day, he was a panelist at the law school forum on the Supreme Court's decision upholding most of the Affordable Care Act.  On September 20, Professor Lobel was the speaker at the second annual lecture on September 11 and Human Rights presented by the Judge Damon Keith Center at Wayne State Law School in Detroit. His speech will be published as an article.  And on September 24, Professor Lobel gave a speech on the Constitution to an assembly of students at CAPA High School in Pittsburgh.

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