Legislation & Regulation Section B - Taylor

The required casebook is Bressman, Rubin, & Stack, The Regulatory State (2d ed. 2013).  There is also a required set of Supplementary Materials online at the course website.  Instructions for access to the course website are provided below. 

For our first class, please read and be prepared to discuss pages 1-2 in the Supplementary Materials.

In our first class I will provide handouts of the course syllabus and class assignments, both of which are also available on the class website.

To access the course TWEN (The West Educational Network) website:

1.  From http://lawschool.westlaw.com click on the TWEN tab first. You will then be prompted to enter either your default Westlaw password or your username/password.  Your Westlaw password will be provided you during orientation.  

2.  At the TWEN welcome screen, click on Drop/Add Course (near the top of the screen) to see a list of courses available at our school.

3.  Check the box next to Legislation and Regulation – Section B (Taylor) and click submit.

4.  To view a TWEN course, simply log into TWEN and click on the link for that class. You will only have to "add" a course the first time you log onto TWEN.

5. To access materials, click on the appropriate tab on the left hand side of the page.  When the tab opens, each document will be listed and include “Options.” Click on “Options,” and then click on “Download” either to read or download the materials.  Because documents are provided as pdf documents, they will not open directly if you click on “Open,” which is for html documents only.  

6.  If you have questions about adding a course in TWEN or about opening documents, please email the school’s West Academic Account Manager, Maisa Chiang (whose contact information is on the TWEN site), call 1-800-WESTLAW, or contact a Pitt student representative (a list of whom is also provided on the TWEN site).