Michael Madison at American University for Launch of "Reclaiming Fair Use"

Professor Michael Madison, Faculty Director of Pitt Law’s Innovation Practice Institute, spoke on Tuesday, September 13 at American University’s Washington College of Law at a celebration and book launch for a new volume from the University of Chicago Press, Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright.  The authors of the book are AU law professor Peter Jaszi and AU Professor of Film and Media Arts Pat Aufderheide.

Professor Madison has served for several years on Boards of Legal Advisors associated with collaborative research by Professors Jaszi and Aufderheide to produce “Codes of Best Practices” in fair use for a variety of creative communities.  Those codes are intended to align the competing policy goals of copyright’s fair use doctrine with the practices of communities of actual creators -- documentary filmmakers, archivists, media studies teachers, online video creators, poets, and others – and have been widely praised for offering a measure of legal clarity to creative communities that are often daunted by copyright’s apparent complexity.

At the celebration on Sept. 13, Professor Jaszi credited a 2004 law review article by Professor Madison,  A Pattern-Oriented Approach to Fair Use, 45 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1525 (2004), with supplying the theoretical foundation for the work represented in the Best Practices projects and in the new book.


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