Michael Madison Co-Hosts Commons Workshop

Professor Michael Madison, Faculty Director of Pitt Law's Innovation Practice Institute, co-hosted a scholarly workshop at the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law and Policy at New York University School of Law on September 23 and 24, titled, "Convening Cultural Commons."  The workshop gathered a diverse, interdisciplinary group of 45 scholars from law, economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies.  The workshop was organized to highlight research applying and extending a research framework for information and knowledge commons developed by Professor Madison and two co-authors and workshop co-hosts, Professor Katherine Strandburg (NYU) and Professor Brett Frischmann (Cardozo Law) and published in 2010 in the Cornell Law Review.  Workshop presentations included case studies of tropical disease research collaboratives, MusicBrainz (an online volunteer collaborative for sharing metadata about popular music), Congress, genomics databases, the development of the airplane, invention in military services, the arts "scene" in a small Canadian city, and roller derby.  Professor Madison presented a work in progress titled, "Astrocommons and the Evolving Futures of Scientific Research," which describes two research collaboratives involving astronomers and astrophysicists.


A highlight of the workshop was a public lecture by 2009 Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom, whose work on natural resource commons inspired the Madison, Frischmann and Strandburg framework.


Link to the "Convening Cultural Commons" agenda and list of presentations here.


Link to a video of Professor Ostrom's public lecture here.


Link to the 2010 special issue of the Cornell Law Review that includes the Madison, Frischmann & Strandburg research proposal and several comments on it here.

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