Michael Madison Discusses Pittsburgh's Rebirth in The Guardian (UK)

Professor Michael Madison discussed the so-called 21st century revitalization of Pittsburgh in an article published in The Guardian (UK) on Sunday, January 16, 2011.  The article compared Pittsburgh, as a recovering post-industrial city, to Detroit, which is the subject of continuing anxiety during the current recession.  The article, which was also published in New Zealand and India, reads, in part:

Other US cities have faced similar crises and come through. Pittsburgh, once the US steel capital, is often cited as an example. The city "took a giant sock to the stomach in the 1980s," says Mike Madison, law professor at the University of Pittsburgh. During that decade, unemployment hit 18%, three times the rate in the rest of the country, and the area lost 80,000 jobs.  But these days, Pittsburgh's private sector is thriving. Madison praises far-sighted city officials who backed investment in education and medicine decades before the steel industry folded. Unemployment today is lower than the rest of the US and has been for the past couple of years. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre employs 50,000 people, as many as US Steel once did.

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