Michael Madison Publishes Review of New Cyberlaw Scholarship

Professor Michael Madison has published "Law and Borders, Revisited," a short review of a new scholarly article, at the online journal Jotwell. 

"Jotwell" stands for "Journal of Things We Like, Lots."  The site is a curated body of critical commentary on recent and emerging legal scholarship.  It is hosted at the University of Miami School of Law and managed by Professor A. Michael Froomkin.  Jotwell features commentary on several areas of current law and scholarship, each of which is produced by a panel of invited legal scholars.

Professor Madison's recent review discusses a new paper by Professor Marketa Trimble of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, which is titled "The Future of Cybertravel: Legal Implications of the Evasion of Geolocation."  Professor Madison's review is here; Professor Trimble's paper is here.

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