New Book by Ronald Brand

Cambridge University Press has published The 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements – Commentary and Documents by Ronald A. Brand and Paul M. Herrup.  Brand is a Professor of Law at the University of Pittsburgh and Herrup is an attorney with the Office of Foreign Litigation of the United States Department of Justice.  Both authors were members of the U.S. delegation to the Hague Conference on Private International Law that participated in the negotiation of the Convention. 

The Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements was concluded on June 30, 2005, and promises to become an important instrument in judicial relations throughout the world, making choice of forum clauses both more likely to be honored and more likely to lead to judgments that will be recognized and enforced around the globe. The Convention, and the proposed treatise, will serve as an indispensable source for both transactions lawyers drafting the transnational commercial contracts of the future and for litigators involved in the resolution of disputes between parties to important transnational commercial transactions. The book provides both a clear introduction and a comprehensive article-by-article review of the 2005 convention, which is likely to be the focus of ratification discussions in many countries in the very near future.  It also highlights concerns important to lawyers who will use the convention in drafting commercial contracts and in litigating international disputes, and identifies numerous issues which may arise under the Convention and their resolution according to the Convention text.

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