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Dean Wildermuth Discusses Ginsburg and What’s Next for the Supreme Court on RadioWest

Justice Ginsburg was a champion of women’s rights and a liberal icon of the Supreme Court. The Trump administration promises to nominate Ginsburg’s replacement, and Senator Mitch McConnell is resolved to bring Trump’s choice to the Senate floor for a confirmation vote. Democrats are accusing Republicans of hypocrisy — it wasn’t that long ago that McConnell refused to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, citing the then-upcoming 2016 election. And with the likelihood of another Trump justice joining the court, some liberals have begun talking about packing the Supreme Court, in other words, simply adding more justices.

Dean Amy J. Wildermuth joined RonNell Anderson Jones, Lee E. Teitelbaum Endowed Professor of Law at the University of Utah College of Law, and Alan Rozenshtein, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota, to discuss what’s next for the highest court in the land on RadioWest.

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