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Reserving a Room

First, before making any room reservation for an event, check the Academic Calendar above to ensure the lack of a conflict consistent with the Event Categories and Conflict Rules listed below.  If you fail to do so, and there is a conflict, the room request will be summarily rejected by the Administrative Coordinator and you will need to find another date. (Note that the Student Calendar is provided above to let you see what student groups may already be busy with their own events. Please note that this may not have a complete list of all student organization meetings/events.)

Second, once you have ensured the lack of a conflict, all room requests are to be done via 25Live. No room request is final until approved by the Administrative Coordinator.

Third, please read the memo from Vice Dean Hamoudi.

If your reservation is for a class or a closed meeting, you are done.  If, however, your reservation is for an Event, the Event Coordinator will follow up with an “events request form” that you must complete within 48 hours of the request, or the room will be released.

Event Categories

Events are defined as any and all gatherings other than those that are (i) class related activity and (ii) invitation only meetings (e.g., Appointments Committee meeting).  They are further categorized according to three colors, as follows:

  • Red Events are exclusively those Events designated by the Dean as being of particular strategic priority to the Law School. These include Faculty Workshops, Faculty Meetings, Pitt Law Academy, sponsored lectures and the 1L curriculum planning workshop held annually.
  • Yellow Events are (comparatively rare) Events that, in the reasonable discretion of the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development, could reasonably be expected to target 300 or more people, irrespective of how many appear. Hence, for example, an event that offers CLE credit and is heavily advertised to the broader legal community might very well be a Yellow Event.
  • Green Events are all Events that are neither Red Events nor Yellow Events.

Conflicts Rules

The conflicts rules for scheduling events are easy. They are as follows:

  • No Red Event may be scheduled in the same week as another Red Event.
  • No Yellow Event may be scheduled at the same time as a Red or other Yellow Event.
  • No Green Event may be scheduled at the same time as a Red Event.
  • No class-related activity may be scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 12:30 and 2pm.
  • Classes scheduled will have first rights on room reservations.
  • Waivers may be granted by the Vice Dean and/or Associate Dean of Research & Faculty Development.