Arthur Hellman Comments on Supreme Court Justices Holding Stock in Major Corporations

The Supreme Court recently became involved in a Microsoft case even though Chief Justice John Roberts has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in Microsoft stock over the past year. It is not legal for a federal judge to participate in a case if they own shares in the company involved. There are a few examples of current justices having to sit out of major Supreme Court cases for owning individual stocks. 

Professor Arthur Hellman questions why any justice can own stock in these types of companies, saying, "We're not talking about grandpa's stock in the family business where a justice might have some sentimental reason for holding onto the shares. These are major corporations who regularly come before the court." Holding stocks in certain companies will create a bias on the rulings of the court, and the three justices who own individual stocks have been scrutinized for this.

Read more about the current situation for Chief Justice Roberts, as well as other instances, in the Associated Press article.

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