Arthur Hellman Thanked for Drafting Work as U.S. House Judiciary Committee Approves Federal Courts Bill

The Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives has approved the Fraudulent Joinder Prevention Act of 2016 (H.R. 3624), and the sponsor of the legislation gave credit to Pitt Law Professor Arthur D. Hellman for his help in drafting the “amendment in the nature of a substitute” that the Committee adopted.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Ken Buck (R. Colo.) said the amendment “was crafted with the input of experts in the field, and I want to give particular thanks to Professor Arthur Hellman, the Sally Ann Semenko Endowed Chair at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and the author of a seminal case book on federal courts.”

The basic purpose of the bill, Buck said, is “to allow the removal of cases to federal court where the joining of a local defendant is improper.” He explained: “This substitute amendment retains the policy of H.R. 3624, while clarifying the narrow application of its anti-fraudulent joinder standard, avoiding inadvertent unsettling of other doctrines of removal law, and assuring that courts can continue to consider all varieties of fraudulent joinder.”

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