Constituitional Law - Section C - Brake


There will also be occasional handouts, which I will post on the TWEN course website.  For the first day of class, the assigned handouts can be found at the links below, and I will also email copies to the class.  

Mon., Jan. 8:

(1) The Declaration of Independence,

(2) The Articles of Confederation,

(3) The Constitution of the United States, Casebook, Appendix B, p. 931-46

(4) Gordon Wood, The Origins of the Constitution,

Tues., Jan. 9:

Marbury v. Madison, Casebook, p.1-15

The Story of Marbury v. Madison: Making Defeat Look Like Victory, Con. Law Stories, pp. 13-31

Wed., Jan. 10:

Political Questions, , pp. 15-25