December 2018 Graduation Information

If you are planning on graduating in December 2018, you will need to complete both a University Graduation Application and a Law School Check List.  You can find links to both of those documents near the bottom of the page here.  Once you have completed both documents, please turn them in to the Law School Registrar’s Office between normal window hours of 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday.  Applications must be turned in to our office no later than noon on Thursday, September 13th.  Any application submitted after that deadline, should also include a late fee of $15.00.  This late fee must be paid by check or money order made payable to: The University of Pittsburgh.  This is a University fee and they are not able to charge your Pitt Pay account for this fee and they do not accept cash. 

A few things to note about the application and checklist:

  • You do not have to fill out the 3rd page of the application.  The University no longer uses that page.  I am not sure why they do not remove it, but you do not need to fill it out.

  • The graduation term is “2191”

  • Please use an address where you or someone you know will be in late January/early February.  The diplomas are mailed from the University Registrar late January/early February.  If you are not sure what your address will be at that time, please use another permanent address (parents, aunt, uncle, best friend, etc.) so that you know your diploma will safely get to you.

  • The University will use your name as it appears in PeopleSoft when issuing your diploma so please make sure that it matches what you place on your graduation application.  Name changes can be made at the University Registrar’s Office located in G-3 Thackeray Hall.  

  • In regards to the Law School Check List, please fill this out as best as you can.  It does not need to be 100% accurate where you place a course in terms of the Elective courses.  We use your Academic Advisement Report from PeopleSoft to check your requirements, but we also use this to check the courses as well so just do your best to fill it out.  You should also use your advisement report in PeopleSoft when filling out this checklist. 

  • Lastly, there are some updates that are still being made with the Advisement Report in PeopleSoft.  The University has assured us that they will be done soon.  However, if there is an error on your report (such as something not showing up for a requirement that you thought it would), please refer back to the course description on the Law School’s website.  This is what we ultimately use when determining if a course meets a requirement so if the requirement is listed there, we will count it for that course.  There is also a section on the advisement report that will say “Overall Requirements Not Satisfied”.  This will not show as complete until your degree is posted by the University so do not be concerned if you have met every requirement (especially when grades are in) and that section is still showing as not satisfied. 

  • Our office will do a manual audit of each student using the AA reports, the course descriptions on the Law School’s website and the checklist that you turn in to our office.  No news from us within a day or so of turning in your application is good news.  We will only contact you if we run into a question or have a concern with your audit.