Family Law - Crossley

Preparing for the first class meeting of Family Law (Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 9:00 AM) entails the following:

Registering for the course on TWEN and reviewing the syllabus for the class, which will be posted by Friday, 1/5;

In Weisberg & Appleton, Modern Family Law: Cases and Materials (6th ed. 2016), reading pp. 372-377 (U.S. Dept of Agriculture v. Moreno, through n. 4); 379-386 (Moore v. East Cleveland); and 425-428 & 431-432 (nn. 1-6) (Braschi v. Stahl Assoc.); and

Reading Pew Research Center, “The American Family Today” (Dec. 2015), at

In reading these materials, you should consider the following questions:

  • From a legal perspective, what does “family” mean?  
  • Who decides what the legal definition of “family” or “family member” is?
  • What kinds of challenges do the constantly evolving family forms described in the Pew Research Center report pose for family law?