Foundations of Intellectual Property Law Seminar - Madison


Assignment for the First Day of Class

The primary materials for the seminar are readings from Intellectual Property at the Edge: The Contested Contours of IP (Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss & Jane C. Ginsburg eds., 2014). Each student should have ACCESS to a copy of that book.

FREE ACCESS to the book is available via the University of Pittsburgh Library System. Follow the instructions at the course homepage (the link appears below).  You can buy a copy of the book at, among other places.

For the first meeting of the seminar, on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, please read the following:

From the above book:

Jane C. Ginsburg and Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss, Editors’ Preface (pp. xvii – xviii)
Carol M. Rose, Introduction: A Real Property Lawyer Cautiously Inspects the Edges of Intellectual Property (pp. 1 – 13)
Stacey L. Dogan, Haelan Laboratories v. Topps Chewing Gum: Publicity as a legal right (pp. 17 – 38)

From the public internet (linked from the course homepage, below):

Haelan Laboratories v. Topps Chewing Gum

ALSO:  Please read the Syllabus at the course homepage, in its entirety.  Come to class prepared to discuss one or more possible paper topics. The seminar paper must consist of a detailed history and analysis of the impact of a leading older (pre-1985) intellectual property case, in the style of the chapters that we will read in Intellectual Property at the Edge.  Your seminar paper topic should begin with the selection of a leading case, and your reasons for selecting it.  Suggested cases are listed at the course homepage, but you are welcome to select your own, different case.

The course homepage is at  That is reachable via Prof. Madison’s homepage, which is