Fresh Look Given to PA Supreme Court Cases Following Turnover Scandal

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court currently has three veteran justices due to a historic turnover, including retirement and scandal. Three new justices were sworn in this month and will be participating in over two dozen holdover cases from 2014 and 2015. The cases to be reconsidered range from disputes over a million dollar damage award to death penalty appeals.

Though some speculate that the court's decision to take a "fresh look" at these cases is not the best action, Professor John Burkoff sees it as "a very good sign that they're really trying to get their act together."  Burkoff says that though three justices would be capable of deciding a case, the decision would not hold as much weight as one reached by a majority of justices.

Read more in the article, "Scandal-driven turnover prompts Pa. high court to take fresh look at outstanding cases" in The Morning Call.

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