Health Law and Policy - Crossley

In preparation for the first class, you should read the following:

Pages 1-21 (top) of Huberfeld, Weeks and Outterson, The Law of American Health Care

In reading this material, think about the following questions: 

Based on your understanding at the beginning of the semester, what do you think should be the primary goals – broadly stated – of health care policy in the US? Why? What values do these goals reflect?
Should US citizens have a constitutional right to access health care?
By contrast, should US citizens have a constitutional right to be free from government mandates relating to health care?
Based on the reading, what are some reasons (broadly stated) that might justify government regulation intruding on individuals’ health care choices and the functioning of the market for health care services?

Also, you should read through the course syllabus, which will be posted on the TWEN site for the course by Thursday, 8/24.