International Sales Seminar - Flechtner



I hope you all are having a good, relaxing break, and are looking forward to our seminar as much as I am.

The course website at contains course information, a course schedule, discussion of research resources and paper topics, and the reading assignments.  [At the time I write this, the schedule and the “introductory Letter) shown on the course website has not been updated for spring 2018; everything except that schedule and Introductory Letter, however, is accurate for the spring 2018 seminar.] Many of the readings are available online, through links contained in the reading assignments on the course website.  You will, however, need a hardcopy of the coursebook that we will use.

The Course Schedule (which will soon be updated to reflect 2018 dates) on the course website for the seminar gives assignments for each seminar meeting. The assignments are keyed to “Topics,” and the specific reading assignments for each Topic are detailed in separate pages on the course web site for the seminar. As shown on the Course Schedule, to prepare for our first class meeting on Wednesday, January 10, you should do the assignments for Topics 1 and 2.  The assignment for our first meeting includes, inter alia, viewing (in advance) the two lectures on the United Nations Sales Convention (“CISG”) that I recorded for the Lecture Series of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law. There are links to the two lectures on the course website; the URL’s for the two lectures are and  Please also look over the information on the course page for General Course Information, CISG Resources, and Paper Topics.