John Burkoff Comments To Media on PA Supreme Court Ruling Impact on Sandusky Case

Speaking to Central PA's Patriot News, Pitt Law Professor John Burkoff offered expert commentary on the continuing Sandusky child sex abuse case. The PA Supreme Court's recently upheld child endangerment charges against Roman Catholic Church official Msgr. William Lynn, whom the court says did not do enough to protect children from abusive priests. Lynn was charged on the theory that in his supervisory role over priests with known histories of abuse, he did not take enough care to stop them from abusing others. Now that ruling has direct implications in the ongoing Sandusky case where former Penn State administrators may face similar charges.

Professor Burkoff told The Patriot News with Lynn's conviction reinstated, "it certainly seems more likely than not that someday – not soon, perhaps, but someday – we will have... a trial on these charges." Read more on

Burkoff's assessment was echoed in Philadelphia Magazine this week in "Ruling in Lynn Case Could be Bad for Penn State Defendants." Read more in Philadelphia Magazine

Last week Burkoff offered expert commentary to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review regarding a student teacher sex scandal that has rocked Plum High School in Pittsburgh. Read more in "3rd Plum high school teacher charged in connection with student-sex case."

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