Law-Making Seminar - Baylis


Read Ch. 1 of Congress and its Members. Also, please give some thought to the following questions and arrive prepared to discuss them:

a)     What are your present conceptions of law and policy-making processes? Do you have any personal experience with legislative, administrative, or regulatory activities? If so, how have those experiences contributed to your ideas?

b)     Read three political news articles and/or blogs that analyze the tax reform legislation. Be prepared to raise and discuss these articles or blogs in class.  In particular, do the articles/blogs you read incorporate any ideas about what influences law-making activities or how the dynamics of the law-making process work? 

c)     Which of the concepts raised in Ch. 1 of Congress and its Members fit with your pre-existing ideas of law- and policy-making processes?  Which challenge your pre-existing ideas? 

Finally, the syllabus and other course documents will be posted on the Courseweb page before the first day of class. Please download them before class or bring your laptops so that you can access them during class. (To access CourseWeb, go to, log in, and click the CourseWeb icon on the right side of the page. Your classes that use CourseWeb will be listed on the right side of the main CourseWeb page. Click on the Law-Making Seminar link.)