Legal Analysis & Writing - Section B2 - Sinsheimer





For our first class on 8/29, read chapters one and two in the legal writing text. Review the information on the legal system carefully, and be prepared to take a quiz on this information.

Prior to our first class on 8/29, please email me a self-introduction by 11:59pm on 8/27.  Feel free to include any information you would like me to know about you—for example, your experience prior to law school, your interests, why you have decided to come to law school, or something about your writing background. Your introduction should be no more than 200 words. Put “introduction” in the subject line and send to

Additionally, please register for your appropriate Legal Writing section on TWEN (either B1 or B2 according to your course schedule) and activate the on line component of your legal writing textbook (Legal Writing: A Contemporary Approach) using the instructions on the inside front cover of your text.