Legal Analysis & Writing - Section B3 - Coogan




For our first class on 8/28, read chapters one and two in Legal Writing: A Contemporary Approach by Ann Sinsheimer et al.  Review the information on the legal system carefully.

Prior to our first class on 8/28, and after reading The United States Legal System (Ch. 2), please find a news article that involves any aspect of the legal system.  E-mail me the link to the news article and a brief explanation of the legal system’s role in the article by noon on 8/27.  Your explanation should be no more than 100 words.  Put “Legal System” in the subject line and send to

Additionally, please register for your appropriate Legal Analysis and Writing section on TWEN and activate the online component of your legal writing textbook (Legal Writing: A Contemporary Approach) using the instructions on the inside front cover of your text.