Legal Analysis & Writing - Section C1 - Teeter

Welcome to Legal Analysis and Writing! I am looking forward to getting to know each of you over the course of this year.

This note contains your first assignment. Please complete the following tasks before your first class on Monday, August 28.

- Register for the class TWEN website, with the password “Sparky.”Read the Syllabus, posted on the TWEN site. I will hand out hard copies in class, so no need to print.
- Read Course Rules and Guidelines on TWEN site by August 28. Bring any questions to me either in class or via email. If you do not ask questions, I will assume you have read this document, which includes the format guide for all assignments. I will deduct points from assignments when the course rules and format guide are not followed.
- Read the Shapo, et al. text, Chapter 1 (skipping for now section VI on Citation)
- Answer the questions on page 19 (Which is the best statement of the holding in In re Gaunt?) and page 20 (two questions at the bottom of the page regarding the false imprisonment problem in the State of Kent.) Try to answer the questions before looking at the answers that are in the text.
- Prepare answers to Exercises 1-A, 1-B, and 1-C, and be prepared to discuss your answers in class.

Warm regards,

Professor Teeter