Legal Analysis & Writing - Section C3 - Bratman


In advance of our first class, please (1) read Chapter 1 and pages 57-61 of Dernbach, A Practical Guide to Legal Writing & Legal Method, 5th edition (skip exercises in book); and (2) prepare answers to Rules Exercise I on page 1 of the Course Supplement. I will not ask you to turn in your answers to the exercise. Just in case the Course Supplement is not available in the bookstore in a timely manner, Rules Exercise I is posted under Course Materials on the course web page, hosted by TWEN. You will be able to sign up for the course web page once you receive your Westlaw password.

Please note that the use of laptops or other electronic devices during class will not be permitted. More details on this policy will be provided in class.

I look forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday, August 29th.