Legislation & Regulation - Section A - Bratman




Your assignment for our first class is to read Course Supplement, pp. 1-2; and Jellum, The Legislative Process, Statutory Interpretation, and Administrative Agencies, pp. 3-5 & 10-17. Please be prepared to discuss the matters raised in Points for Discussion and Hypothetical Questions. Just in case the Course Supplement is not available in the bookstore in a timely manner, the Supplement pages assigned for our first class are posted under Course Materials on the course web page, hosted by TWEN. You will be able to sign up for the course web page after you receive your Westlaw password.

The assignment for our second class will include, among other things, the majority opinion and dissenting opinion in a Supreme Court case, King v. Burwell, appearing on Course Supplement, pp. 12-23. Since you will want to read the opinions at least twice, you might find it beneficial to give them a first look before our first class. Then, your second and more focused reading, closer in time to our second class, probably will go more smoothly. Helpful guidance on how to read judicial opinions appears on Course Supplement, pp. 6-9, and you should consult that guidance before tackling King v. Burwell.

Please note that the use of laptops or other electronic devices during class will not be permitted. More details on this policy will be provided at our first class.