Michael Madison's Constructing Commons in The Cultural Environment Recognized Among Most-Cited IP Law Articles

Pitt Law Professor and Director of the Innovation Practice Institute, Michael J. Madison’s article Constructing Commons In The Cultural Environment 95 Cornell L. Rev. [i], [ii] (2010) has been recognized as one of the most-cited IP law articles published in the last 10 years by Written Description, a Patent and IP blog. The article was ranked 14 in the Intellectual Property category with 62 cites.

Professor Madison writes and teaches about intellectual property law and policy, and about questions concerning the production and distribution of knowledge and innovation. He is the author of more than 30 journal articles and book chapters, the co-author of The Law of Intellectual Property (Wolters Kluwer, 4th edition 2013) and the co-editor of Governing Knowledge Commons (Oxford University Press 2014). He is the co-founder of the global research network titled the Workshop on Governing Knowledge Commons.

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