New Issue of Pitt Journal of Technology Law & Policy Features Intro From Mayor Bill Peduto

The latest issue of the University of Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy was published online Tuesday and features an introduction written by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. 

The new volume 15, issue 1 (available online) continues the journal's recent staff article series with short student-produced pieces that address law and policy issues surrounding a technology topic of specific interest to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. This issue's topic is "Smart City" technologies. Each staff article series has been introduced by a short piece written by a prominent local member of the law and policy community. This issue's introduction from Mayor Peduto, "Realizing the Potential of the Tech Economy as a Driver of Equitable Growth," touches on the topic of Pittsburgh's technology driven renaissance, government transparency, and development. 

The University of Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy's editor in chief is Sam Franklin ('15). This issue's articles include: 

"China vs. United States: A Cosmopolitan Copyright Comparison" by Amy Rosen.

"A Medium of Exchange for an Internet Age: How to Regulate Bitcoin for the Growth of E-Commerce" by Jeremy Papp.

"Trademark Protection in Bankruptcy Proceedings: A Closer Look at Lubrizol and its Progeny" by Endia Vereen.

"Regulating Rideshare Without Stifling Innovation: Examining the Drivers, the Insurance "Gap," and Why Pennsylvania Should Get on Board" by Catherine Lee Rassman.

"Behavioral Recognition: Computer Algorithms Alerting Law Enforcement to Suspicious Activity" by J Darwin King, Jr.

"A Telehealth Technicality: Pennsylvania's Outdated Insurance Reimbursement Policies Deter Investment in Modern Telehealth Technology" by Gabrielle Lee.

Read the current volume 15, issue 1 online here.

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