Pitt Chronicle Features Accomplished Pitt Law 3L Jesse Israel Exilus

The Pitt Chronicle recently featured one of Pitt Law's standout 3Ls, Jesse Israel Exilus, who graduates May 8, 2016. Among his numerous accomplishments, Exilus has served a year as president of the Black Law Students Association, had a stint on the law school’s Student Moot Court Board, held a summer internship at PPG Industries, worked at Pitt’s Immigration Clinic, assisted with the annual Derrick Bell Community Legal Clinic, and for the past year has been a certified legal intern at Pittsburgh’s Neighborhood Legal Services Association.

Pitt Law Associate Dean of Students Kevin Deasy told the Pitt Chronicle that Exilus’ exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and impressive work ethic will serve him well as an attorney.

“He’s a very talented young man, and he really stood out in his ability to work with clients and to make them feel comfortable. He gathers the right information and provides salient feedback. He’s good at getting to the heart of the matter and making people feel comfortable talking with him, even about difficult subjects.”

Read more in Senior Profile / Jesse Israel Exilus: A Focus on International, Immigration Law in the Pitt Chronicle.

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