Pitt Law Professor David Harris Speaks To AP About Sheriff Arpaio Racial Profiling Case

Pitt Law Professor and racial profiling expert David A. Harris offered analysis to the Associated Press in a Dec. 4 wire story about embattled Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's potential contempt of court case. The Arizona Sheriff has been under scrutiny for racial profiling. According to the AP, eighteen months ago, the judge found the sheriff's office had systematically singled out Latinos in regular traffic and special immigration patrols. The AP story quoted Prof. Harris as saying he wouldn't expect the judge to jail Arpaio and instead would probably gradually ramp up the severity of his punishments if the sheriff continued to defy the judge.

On the possibility of jailtime for the Sheriff, Harris told the AP, "I don't think that's very likely, simply because he is an elected official."

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