Pitt Law Professor David Harris Talks To Pittsburgh City Paper About New Police Chief

Publish Date/Time:  September 11, 2014

David Harris, a Distinguished Faculty Scholar and police accountability expert at Pitt Law spoke with the Pittsburgh City Paper this week about the mayor’s selection of former Madison, Wis. Police Captain Cameron McLay as the city’s new chief of police.

Harris told the City Paper the new police chief has the task of restoring community trust and pursuing internal police investigations more vigilantly in the wake of the 2010 Jordan Miles police brutality case.

“We had a long federal investigation and at the end of it the U.S. Attorney announced there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute the officers criminally," Harris said in the article. “[But] instead of saying ‘we look forward to investigating’” to see whether bureau policy was violated, then-chief Nate Harper "reinstated [the officers] the next day and put the onus on Jordan Miles."

"That kind of ham-handed, one-sided, insensitive sort of approach really left a scar on the community, Harris said.

Read more about the new police chief in the Pittsburgh City Paper article “Will Pittsburgh's new police chief be able to restore trust in the department?”

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