Pitt Law Professor David Thaw Speaks to KDKA About High School Cell Phone Seizure

A KDKA news segment aired yesterday covering the North Huntington police seizure of Norwin High School students’ cell phones in an investigation possibly about the intent to sell sexually explicit pictures. KDKA spoke with University of Pittsburgh School of Law Professor and technology law expert, David Thaw on the matter.

KDKA reporter Harold Hayes reported in the news segment that the involvement of the police indicates not only the potential criminal nature of the probe, but the complicated legal landscape of cell phone examinations.

“If there’s nothing apparent and the school officials turned [the phones] over to law enforcement on the grounds of, ‘well, we heard some rumors,’ then law enforcement on the basis of that can conduct an investigation,” Thaw told KDKA.

Watch and read the news segment “Police Seize Cell Phones From Norwin High School Students” on KDKA.

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