Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Publishes Op-Ed From Pitt Law Professor Anthony Infanti

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an op-ed from Pitt Law Professor Anthony Infanti regarding President Donald Trump's tax plan. The op-ed, "The president's tax plan is anything but simple," ran in the Monday, May 8 edition of the paper.

Professor Infanti writes, "... Mr. Trump has nonetheless been given credit — including on the editorial page of this paper — for his apparent effort to simplify our tax system. This credit is undeserved."

Professor Infanti is a regular commentator on tax law intricacies, specifically with its intersection to LGBT rights and marriage equality. He is the author of the books, Everyday Law for Gays and Lesbians: And Those Who Care About Them and Controversies in Tax Law: A Matter of Perspective

Read more in the editorial, "The president’s tax plan is anything but simple," at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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