Pittwire: Statewide Network to Share Expertise, Resources to Combat Cyber Threats

From Pittwire

David J. Hickton, founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security, told cybersecurity workshop attendees that there is "nothing that should concern you more than cybercriminals."

Large universities and scientific communities generally have the technology and know-how to safeguard their research archives and computing grids. But for smaller colleges and organizations, knowing what expertise and resources are available — and how to access them — is key.

“The game of cybersecurity has not changed, but the stakes for science and education have,” said Pitt School of Computing and Information professor James Joshi.

As part of a project to help smaller campuses and organizations with their cybersecurity challenges, Joshi and additional experts from Pitt, Carnegie Mellon University and elsewhere, presented at a two-day workshop in June as part of the National Science Foundation-funded project Security Assured Cyberinfrastructure in Pennsylvania (SAC-PA). The goal of SAC-PA is to establish a framework for regional collaboration and sharing of cybersecurity resources, expertise and information in Pennsylvania.

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