Professor Arthur Hellman Comments On Supreme Court Agreeing More With Ninth Circuit This Past Year

Pitt Law Professor Arthur Hellman was quoted by ALM regarding the Supreme Court agreeing a little bit more with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this past year. The Supreme Court reversed 10 of 16 cases whereas in 2013-14 they reversed 11 of 12.

“It’s sort of the year the Ninth Circuit started looking like a normal circuit,” said Hellman. “And for the Ninth Circuit, that’s abnormal.”

According to the article, most scholars agree that the nation’s largest appellate court seems to be shedding its status as a liberal outlier. Whether that’s because the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence has shifted the Ninth Circuit’s way or vice versa is a question up for debate.

Hellman goes on to say, "Many of these reversals do not in any way impugn the quality of judging in the Ninth Circuit. It’s the Supreme Court acting as the Supreme Court.”

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