Professor Arthur Hellman’s Views on Legal Education Cited Positively by Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner

Pitt Law Professor Arthur Hellman's approach to teaching his Federal Courts course was cited by US Seventh Circuit Court Richard Posner in his latest book Divergent Paths: The Academy and the Judiciary from Harvard University Press (2016).

Judge Posner highlights Professor Hellman’s article, “Another Voice for the ‘Dialogue’: Federal Courts as a Litigation Course” 53 Saint Louis University Law Journal 761 (2009), where Hellman suggests that the standard law school course on the federal courts be humanized by focusing on how judges and lawyers use the tactical opportunities that the rules of jurisdiction and procedure create and not just on the rules themselves.

Judge Posner writes, "This would complement the mock-clinical courses on evidence and procedure that I have suggested. Legal rules are usually not rigid; they are malleable and bend to circumstance. There is a sense in which legal rules are made to be broken."

The approach to teaching the Federal Courts course outlined in the article cited by Judge Posner is implemented in the Federal Courts casebook co-authored by Professor Hellman. The other authors are Justice David Stras (Minnesota Supreme Court), Professor Ryan Scott (Indiana University-Bloomington School of Law), and Professor F. Andrew Hessick (University of Utah School of Law).

Read more in Divergent Paths: The Academy and the Judiciary from Harvard University Press.

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