Professor Grant MacIntyre Comments to the Chronicle of Higher Education on President Donald Trump’s Freeze on Research Grants

A former EPA lawyer who served at the agency during the last presidential transition, Pitt Law’s Grant MacIntyre spoke to the Chronicle of Higher Education about heightened public concern over a broad ban on government communications.

“It’s hard to make clear comparisons with the past because social media wasn’t the same dominant presence eight years ago. But the American public has grown accustomed to agencies tweeting advice and observations, largely nonpolitical fare, and "it seems abrupt to see that end," he said.

MacIntyre explained that a presidential transition "is always a difficult time in an agency," with no set pattern. Among staffers still at the EPA, the more experienced seem to be saying, "This comes with the territory," he said. "And perhaps some of the newer employees, experiencing their first transition, could be a bit more concerned about it."

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