Professor John Burkoff Comments to Wall Street Journal and Other Media on Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane Law License Suspension

Pitt Law Professor John M. Burkoff offered expert commentary to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog on the matter of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The Pa. Supreme Court has suspended her law license.

Burkoff teaches criminal procedure and legal ethics. He told Law Blog that he believes it’s the first time that the state’s high court has the suspended the law license of a sitting attorney general.

"She’s the attorney general, but at the moment, she’s not an attorney," Burkoff said.

“She may be at this point our paralegal general,” he said.

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Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Burkoff said, "This is an incredible and almost unthinkable development. What little credibility Attorney General Kane retained prior to today has just been subjected to a crippling body blow."

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