Professor Matiangai Sirleaf Awarded Social Science Research Initiative Grant

Matiangai Sirleaf

Pitt Law Professor Matiangai Sirleaf, Assistant Professor of History Mari K. Webel, and Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, Michael R. Dietrich, were recently awarded the Social Science Research Initiative (SSRI) grant from the University of Pittsburgh.

Their proposal, “Understanding the Development and Impact of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) – 1950 to Present,” interrogates the concept of NTDs, a category used to describe a set of diseases that highlight health inequities and draws attention to the differential risks for infection and death from these diseases in the Global South.

The professors plan to explore the utility of the NTD designation as a driver for research funding and scientific innovation. They sought funding for a graduate researcher to help develop a database on NTDs, to conduct archival research and to attend professional conferences to disseminate the results of their research. The anticipated outcome of this proposal is the development of a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the influences that have shaped the policies in this important area of global public health law and biomedicine and will result in the publication of several pieces of scholarship.

The SSRI grants are awarded by the Provost's office to support new research collaborations at the university across schools and departments, with at least one social scientist on the team. In this competitive process, projects are ranked based on their collaboration, interdisciplinary methods, impact, and measurable assessment methods.

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