Professor Vivian Curran Profiled for Pitt Chronicle's 'Year of the Humanities'

Professor Vivian Curran was featured in the Pitt Chronicle's Dec. 7th Issue in the Year of Humanities Profile section. Her passion for language as "part of a living structure, bound to a rich tapestry of history and society" led her to a BA and PhD in French Literature, with plans of becoming a professor. When the time came to choose her career, Curran decided, "I had a feminist feeling that I hadn't proven myself," so she enrolled in Columbia Law School and then joined a Pittsburgh firm practicing corporate law.

25 years ago Curran began teaching at Pitt Law and realized it was her calling. She specializes in comparative law and links it back to language, saying, "Comparative law is a form of translation from one legal culture to another." She is currently the vice president of the American Society of Comparative Law and has been internationally recognized by the Republic of Austria and the French government. Curran started Pitt Law's Languages for Lawyers program, as she believes it is important for law students to be exposed to different cultures and languages. 

Read more about Professor Curran's history in humanities here.

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