Trademark Law - Madison


Important Information About the Course

Students are not permitted to use laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, or equivalent devices (such as Kindles, iPhones, Chromebooks, etc.) in the classroom.  Student use of anything with a screen, microphone, speaker, camera, battery and/or an on/off switch (even older devices, such as cassette players/recorders and cellular phones) is prohibited. 

Assignment for the First Day of Class

For the first class meeting, on Monday, August 28, 2017, please read and be ready to talk about the following:

1/ The Casebook Introduction (required).

2/ Supplemental materials on “Pittsburghade” and “Pantherade” marks (required).  (This is a large file, and you are not responsible for the technical details of trademark registration practice that are reflected here.  Instead, you should familiarize yourself with the underlying dispute.)

3/ Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. v. Capece (required). 

4/ Other materials listed on the course homepage under “Class 1” (optional).

You can access and/or download and read/view these materials – and all of the course materials, including the Casebook – at the course homepage.  The course homepage is at . You may also reach the course homepage via Professor Madison’s homepage, which is .

Everything you need to know about the course is there.

There is no casebook for students to buy.  The course text is an online, free download.