University of Pittsburgh Law Review Publishes Papers From Challenging Authority: A Symposium Honoring Derrick Bell

Pitt Law Professor Jasmine Gonzales Rose speaking at last year's "Challenging Authority: A Symposium Honoring Derrick Bell

The University of Pittsburgh Law Review has published its symposium issue, Vol. 75, No. 4, containing the written contributions to last year's Challenging Authority: A Symposium Honoring Derrick Bell.

The issue features an introduction by Pitt Law Professor Jasmine Gonzales Rose and articles from Pitt Law Professors George Taylor and Pat K. Chew, former professors Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, and from Patience Crowder, Stacey Marlise Gahagan, Alfred L. Brophy, Juan Perea, SpearIt, and Montré Carodine.

In the issue's introduction Professor Gonzales Rose writes, "Not only is Critical Race Theory alive and more relevant than ever, Derrick Bell’s scholarship, teaching, and example continue to be a driving force in the field." The review celebrates and seeks to continue Bell’s critical inquiry into and fight against racial injustice.

In her article, "Challenging Authority," Professor Pat K. Chew writes, "Derrick Bell was right when he predicted in 1985 that his life and my life would be interconnected. How ironic it is, for instance, that I ended up teaching at the very law school that Derrick attended—that this law school faculty had the same vote of confidence in my abilities that Derrick had."

Read the full issue online via Pitt's University Library System.

Full article list:

Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose Introduction

Richard Delgado, Law's Violence: Derrick Bell's Next Article

Jean Stefancic, Discerning Critical Moments: Lessons From the Life of Derrick Bell

SpearIt, Economic Interest Convergence in Downsizing Imprisonment

Stacey Marlise Gahagan and Alfred L. Brophy, Reading Professor Obama: Race and the American Constitutional Tradition

Juan F. Perea, Doctrines of Delusion: How the History of the G.I. Bill and other Inconvenient Truths Undermine the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Jurisprudence

George H. Taylor, The Object of Diversity

Montré D. Carodine, Contemporary Issues In Critical Race Theory: The Implications Of Race As Character Evidence In Recent High-Profile Cases

Patience A. Crowder, Interest Convergence as Transaction?

Pat K. Chew, Challenging Authority

Tribute Cheryl Nelson Butler, Sherrilyn Ifill, Suzette Malveaux, Margaret E. Montoya, Natsu Taylor Saito, Nareissa L. Smith, and Tanya Washington, The Story Behind a Letter in Support of Professor Derrick Bell