Pitt Law Alumna Lea Bickerton (JD '05) atop Oprah's national list of Black-owned businesses

Pitt Law alumna Lea Bickerton (JD’05), a practicing criminal defense attorney and owner of Tiny Bookstore in Ross Township, sparked the praise of Oprah on the national list of Black-owned businesses people should be aware of. Lea Bickerton who met her husband and Pitt Law alum William Bickerton (JD ’01) stumbled upon the idea for opening a bookstore when the couple was looking for new office space.

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Lea said, “I found out that we were on the list of Black-owned bookstores because I came across the article while reading the news. I definitely noticed an uptick in sales after the article was posted. My parents are excited that we were on the list, and I find that to be a pretty important impact.

Lea continued, “The mission of the Tiny Bookstore is to share my love of reading with the public and to be a source of knowledge,” she said. “So, it’s fair to say that my mission is grand, but the planned footprint is not.”

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