Pitt Law Professor Gerald Dickinson on What to Expect on Election Day in PittWire

The states’ individual election laws will impact how long voters wait to learn results, but Pitt Law Professor Jerry Dickinson says the U.S. Constitution calls for some actions to take place on specific dates no matter what. “Mid-December is when electors certify their votes, so that raises a lot of questions as to how long litigation is going to go on for if there are disputes. There are 50 states, each has their own system of running elections and each may have varying legal issues that come about on the day of the election or after the election,” he said. “That being said, Jan. 20, 2021, is the date that the term of the president, President Trump’s term, will end. Regardless of whether he loses or wins, that term ends at that point.”

Full article in PittWire.

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