Policy Externship

Class Term: 
Spring Term 2017-2018
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Externship Field Placement
4 - 8 (4 Field)
Graduation Requirements: 
Professional Skills
Experiential Learning
Enrollment Limit: 

This is a variable credit course ranging from 4 – 8 credits. Enrollment in this course requires special permission. See the note below or contact the Registrar for more information. Students should be aware that although this is a variable credit course, once they register for the course, they cannot change the number of credits at will.  All deadlines pertaining to add/drop and any fees associated with late changes will apply if the number of credits change at some point in the term.

Approval of externship site by Professor Baylis.

Departmental Consent
Enrollment in this course requires special permission. See the enrollment information for the section or contact the Registrar for more information.
Additional Information: 

Students may choose to register for 4-8 credits and must complete 52 hours of work per credit during the semester (amounting to 15-30 hours/week for 14 weeks).  Internships must also: be hosted by a government or non-profit office; consist primarily of policy-related work; be supervised by a professional staff member who does policy work; be unpaid except for a stipend of up to $3,375; and be in the office (no telecommuting).

The Law and Policy DC Semester is offered only during the spring semester. Students can participate in their second or third year. The Spring 2015 Law and Policy DC Semester Courses will include:

  1. Policy Externship
  2. Policy Colloquium
  3. Law-Making Seminar
  4. Lobbying and Advocacy
Grading Details: 

A satisfactory grade in this course will be based upon the confirmed completion of the requisite number of hours of work in an externship that meets the DC Law and Policy Semester program requirements.