International Trade Law & Regulation

Class Term: 
Spring Term 2018-2019
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Class Schedule: 
3:30 p.m.
5:20 p.m.
Chief Justice Ralph J. Cappy Room
Graduation Requirements: 
International / Comparative
Grading Details: 

Legal Writing/Practical Component: Students will learn how to draft a client memorandum discussing issues for appeal of a U.S. agency unfair trade determination and likelihood of success and will use that memorandum to draft a complaint for filing at the U.S. Court of International Trade. The professors will use this legal writing component as part of the final course grade. This practical experience will make up 30% of the student’s grade.

Examination: The exam format will be seven short answer questions that focus on issue-spotting with students required to answer six of the seven questions in a two-hour exam period. Students are not given extra credit for answering all seven questions. This examination will make up 60% of the student’s grade.

Class Participation: Students are encouraged to actively participate in class and interact with the professors and visiting speakers. Class participation will make up 10% of the student’s grade.