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LAW 5251: Biotechnology Law - 2211

Biotechnology Law
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Fall Term 2020-2021
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Virtually every aspect of our lives is touched by biotechnology, so this class is designed as an introduction to many of the critical issues related to biotech and society. Specific topics include genetically modified organisms (Frankenfoods), patenting life, vaccination laws, human and animal testing, bioterrorism, biological weapons laws, bio-prospecting, pharmaceutical pricing, FDA laws, as well as scientific (and investor) fraud in biotech. The class also focuses on the policy relationships between law and public health, as well as related underlying economic incentives that can create tension in the life sciences. The class includes a number of guest speakers from industry including biotech licensing professionals and an FDA practice attorney. This class will be useful for anyone planning to practice law related to the life sciences including patent law. The issues are presented in a non-technical manner so the class is accessible to anyone interested in the field. It may be helpful to have exposure to patent law in general but it is not required.

Biotechnology Law