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LAW 5103: Evidence - 2211

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Fall Term 2020-2021
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Enrollment Note

Evidence Fall 2020 Class Sessions

All students enrolled in Evidence can choose to participate in class sessions remotely through Zoom no matter the risk posture of the University.

If the University is not in the “Guarded Risk” posture, all students must participate remotely.

However, whenever the University is in the “Guarded Risk” posture, students will have the opportunity to meet in-person at the scheduled time.  We have been assigned three classrooms (107, 109, and the Alcoa Room) because of the large number of students enrolled in the course and social distancing requirements.  

Class sessions will be conducted via Zoom, hosted on Canvas.  Each session will begin with a short overview presentation of the topics for the day.  We will then move to small group problem solving exercises conducted through Zoom breakout rooms.  I will circulate among the three classrooms and/or the Zoom breakout rooms while you work in your small groups.  After each small group session, we will reconvene the entire class in order to discuss the problem.  If we are meeting in person, I will conduct large class discussions from one base room chosen for that day.  The base room will circulate among the three classrooms we have been assigned.

Because we will have numerous small group discussions, you should always bring your laptop and headphones to class sessions.

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This course is an introductory course on the rules of evidence and will focus on the Federal Rules of Evidence. We will cover hearsay and its exceptions, relevance, the use of character evidence, cross-examination and impeachment, among other subjects.