LAW 5336: Land Use - 2211

Land Use
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Fall Term 2020-2021
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3 (3 Contact, 0 Field)
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Students will be expected to complete all required readings. Grades will be based on the following: Class participation (10%) Frequency and quality of participation in class. Writing Project (65%) The student will be provided with the briefs from a pending Pennsylvania court appeal involving a significant land use issue. The student will be expected to prepare a written decision as if he or she is a judician court clerk. Each student will be expected to make a brief class presentation concerning the written decision. Zoning Board Presentation (15%) The student will attend a local zoning hearing and provide a short written report and class presentation on what transpired at the hearing. In-class Analysis of Hypothetical Land Use Problems (10%)


The objective of this course is to provide students with a basic introduction to the mechanics and legal theories underlying land use controls. The course will strive to go beyond the theoretical by presenting a series of guest speakers (ranging from judges and zoning officials to land use planners, civil and transportation engineers, state environmental officials and developers) who deal with land use issues on a daily basis. Students will also be provided an opportunity to observe zoning board and court proceedings first hand and prepare class projects and papers based upon these proceedings. The course will emphasize the inter-relationship and conflict with environmental regulations. Class discussions and projects will focus upon recent judicial and legislative developments in land use law.

Land Use