LAW 5240: Pennsylvania Practice - 2211

Pennsylvania Practice
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Fall Term 2020-2021
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3 (3 Contact, 0 Field)
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"W" Writing
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This course covers the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and associated case law. If you enjoyed Civil Procedure, but found that federal practice contained too few waiver traps, confusingly numbered rules, writs that were already considered archaic in the 15th Century, maxims with names like "Nanty Glo," and swirling procedural eddies that exist purely because no one can be bothered to correct them, this class is for you. Alternately, if you wish to practice in Pennsylvania, but do not wish to lose your client's case because you are surprised by a procedural trap, this class is for you. Finally, if you wish to compete for the prestigous and valuable ($500) Hon. R. Stanton Wettick (Ret.) Prize for Excellence in Pennsylvania Practice, then this class is definitely for you. There will be writing in this class, but don't worry. If you mess up here, you might lose a couple of points. If you mess up out there, you get a malpractice suit and a visit to the Disciplinary Board. Welcome to the profession: we hope you survive the experience.

Grading Details

There will be an in-class final exam.


This course covers the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Civil Procedure for District Justices. The course is intended to develop the student's understanding of the rules of procedure which govern civil litigation in the state courts of Pennsylvania, the manner in which claims and defenses are raised, the forms utilized to raise these claims and defenses, and petition, motion and discovery practice, and will focus on the procedural tactics and strategies that are used to advance a client's position.

Pennsylvania Practice