LAW 5669: Police Misconduct & Hate Crimes - 2214

Police Misconduct & Hate Crimes
Class Term:
Spring Term 2020-2021
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"W" Writing
Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority
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Additional Information

Students will engage in many interactive discussions and exercises, making class participation vital.  Throughout the course, students will be assigned short-form writing and oral advocacy assignments to enhance their understanding of the material while practicing their litigation skills.  Students will receive extensive feedback from the instructor on all such assignments.  As the course nears completion, students will work with the instructor to select a final assignment (which will be a longer written assignment with the option to add an oral advocacy component) addressing and incorporating multiple statutes, issue, strategies, and skills learned throughout the course.  

Grading Details

  The total grade will be determined as follows: Class Participation - 10% In-Class Exercises (preparation and contribution) - 20% Short-Form Writing/Oral Advocacy Assignments - 50% Final assignment incorporating multiple issues/strategies - 20%


  This course will address civil rights with a focus on police misconduct and hate crimes.  While these are distinct areas of criminal law, they represent the two primary categories of federal criminal civil rights enforcement.  Students will examine and analyze relevant statues and key cases with a focus on gaining a practical understanding of the elements (and application thereof) of each crime.  Students will also learn about the strategies applicable to investigating and litigating these matters.  Students will then apply their understanding to real-world fact patterns examined through in-class discussions, mock hearing and trial exercises, and assignments focusing on the development of written and oral litigation skills. Please note that because this course addresses police misconduct and hate crimes, the subject matter will require students to read about, view, listen to, and discuss material that may be disturbing or offensive to some or all students.  Such material may include videos of police shootings, recordings or descriptions of the use of racial slurs and other offensive language, recordings or descriptions of the use of violence targeting victims based on a specific trait (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.), and other similar material.

Police Misconduct & Hate Crimes